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Flower And Snake 1 - Hoa Và Rắn 1 (18++)
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Thể loạiTâm lý
Độ dài : 114 phút
Năm sản xuất : 2004
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Extreme Japanese filmmaker Takashi Ishii (GONIN, FREEZE ME) directs the  modern remake of 1974''''s HANA TO HEBI(itself based on the eponymous  novel by erotica author Dan Oniroku). Shizuko, the dancer wife of a  wealthy businessman, is ignored by her husband due to his high-pressure  job. As a result, she begins to have a series of disturbing, masochistic  fantasies. But her husband''''s many debts lead to those fantasies  becoming reality, whether Shizuko wants them to or not, when Mr.  Tashiro, a powerful crime boss, kidnaps her as payment. He submits her  to aseries of sexual tortures for his own pleasure, but doesn''''t realize  that she may be enjoying the experience as well. FLOWER AND SNAKE is a  sexploitation film with high production values, and is for mature  audiences only.